Sometimes, In Order to Move Ahead…

…One has to take A Bold Step Back.

A local resident outlines his ideas. An excerpt:

So much of the country has become addicted to the government teat. The federal government was not created to ‘take care’ of us. It was founded to protect us from outside harm, to regulate interstate commerce and a very few other tasks. But to serve their own interests, the people that have been getting elected year after year have been ‘feeding’ us…providing jobs, social programs — all with the objective to keep us voting for them.

Even a crack addict needs to recognize the problem before they can make a move to recover. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! We have a problem!



Why Blacks Ignore Zimbabwe

I don’t always agree with Cynthia Tucker, but she’s spot-on with her commentary concerning the thuggish regime of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe — and why very few blacks in America and their African counterparts will confront the issue:

Although Mugabe has labored mightily to blame his nation’s troubles on others, including the dwindling population of white Zimbabweans and Western human rights activists, Zimbabwe’s voters have finally determined he needs to go. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, led the opening round of voting in elections in March.

But Mugabe’s henchmen have resorted to murder to make certain the runoff election, scheduled for June 27, is anything but free and fair. Tsvangirai has been harassed and detained repeatedly by police. The wives of other opposition leaders have been butchered and burned alive. Mugabe’s police even went so far as to seize food sent to schoolchildren by international donors, giving it only to those who promised to vote for him.

His followers maim and murder their opponents and starve children, but few black Americans notice. Why? Why do we ignore the transgressions of black African tyrants while assailing those of white tyrants?

Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young is among those who still manage to see more morality than malice in Mugabe’s rule. “Americans cannot be rational about Mugabe,” Young said. “We’ve always miscast Mugabe. He’s a fundamentalist Roman Catholic. He doesn’t steal.”

Young traces Zimbabwe’s troubles back more than 30 years, to the failure of the United States and Great Britain to fund land reform efforts as generously as promised.

Similarly, Nicole Lee, head of TransAfrica Forum, a Washington-based human rights group founded by black Americans, points to “a larger context” that includes the failure of Western nations to fund programs to grant farmland to poor black Zimbabweans. She, too, says that Americans shouldn’t “demonize” Mugabe.

There’s just one problem with that: Mugabe has become a demon.

Shame on “Black Leaders” like Young and Lee for defending a demon (Desmond Tutu and Congressman John Lewis excepted).

Shay Riley makes it clear as to why they do:

“Many high-profile black American liberals – and their African counterparts – hesitate to criticize Robert Mugabe, because they share his Marxist views.”

May Robert Mugabe burn in hell.

(h/t: Booker Rising)