Sometimes, In Order to Move Ahead…

…One has to take A Bold Step Back.

A local resident outlines his ideas. An excerpt:

So much of the country has become addicted to the government teat. The federal government was not created to ‘take care’ of us. It was founded to protect us from outside harm, to regulate interstate commerce and a very few other tasks. But to serve their own interests, the people that have been getting elected year after year have been ‘feeding’ us…providing jobs, social programs — all with the objective to keep us voting for them.

Even a crack addict needs to recognize the problem before they can make a move to recover. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! We have a problem!



Thomas Paine Returns

Actor Bob Basso reprises his famous viral video role for a segment of the Glenn Beck Program:

As for Basso, it appears that the White House has backed off on their previous request to “discuss” his videos on YouTube, thanks to the publicity thereof. As in the spirit and tradition of the author of “Common Sense”, Basso is a true patriot.

See you at the Tea Party on the 15th!