Editorial Policy

The Long Version:

  • The D.C. Thornton Weblog is NEITHER fair NOR balanced. The owner is obviously right of center and clearly thinks the far left are off their collective rockers. This should be readily apparent to anyone who has read more than one post here.
  • The D.C. Thornton Weblog is a PERSONAL web site. It is not representative of any media entity, therefore the words posted here are opinions, for the most part. The opinions expressed here on this site are either those of the site owner or the site’s designated contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of his immediate family and friends, his employers (past, present, or future), his associates/colleagues, or his place of worship.
  • The owner of this site is not beholden to any rules or ethics that demand fairness in reporting. Thus, you will see a lot of posts supporting the owner’s ideals and opinions, and not so many – probably none – supporting yours.
  • The owner of this site is not a paid journalist and you are not his boss/editor. Therefore, he is under no obligation to write about the things you think he should be writing about. There are no editorial meetings held with his readers or imaginary “white puppet masters” (as alleged by the owner’s left-of-center “African-American” critics) every morning to go over the day’s stories. This site is not run by a democratic process; the stories that get covered are the stories the owner feels like writing about that day. This site is run on whim and personal preferences.
  • However, should you feel that you have some sort of right to determine what should and shouldn’t be printed here, you can feel free to supply a monthly (bi-weekly works as well) cashier’s check made out to the owner of the site, making you his boss and securing an agreement that he will answer to you and allow you to make editorial decisions. The check would have to be a sufficient amount that would be worth the owner of this site giving up his personal freedom to post what he wants, when he wants (in other words, that would make the owner a sellout in the truest sense of the slur). In other words, keep your editorial comments to yourself.
  • Better yet, keep your money as well. The owner isn’t selling out his ideals and opinions to appease you or anybody else.
  • In closing, the owner of this site would like to reiterate that this site is totally, completely biased and makes no apologies for it, nor should he. He pays for the bandwidth with his own hard-earned money. He pays for the hosting fees with his own hard-earned money. He does this all on his spare time for free. Yes, free.
  • The owner of this site reserves the right to moderate and delete comments he deems to be off-topic, rude or condescending toward him or his readers. There is a difference between criticism and vilification; the latter will not be tolerated.

The Short Version:

  • This personal website is an extension of my house. If you disrespect me or my guests in my house, I’ll throw you out. If you don’t like what you see here, please move along.

(based on a statement originally written by Michele Catalano)