Independence Day — or Dependence Day?

With the recent Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Health Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), the federal government will mandate all Americans to purchase health insurance in the name of The Common Good, or be taxed a penalty for failing to do so. Repeal of the act is still an option — but only if we the people stand up, and vote to remove social progressives from both the White House and Congress on Election Day, November 6.

Today, America stands on the edge of tyranny — just as the original 13 American colonies stood 236 years ago, when the British empire levied taxes upon them without representation in Parliament.

236 years ago today, 56 men stood up, and against all odds, declared their independence from the British crown to build a free country we know today as the United States. Are we willing to stand up today and do our part to remain free?

Liberty or tyranny. The choice is yours NOW — as it was then.

Choose wisely.

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Justice Served, At Last

Osama bin Laden is dead.

“Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Usama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda.”
– President Obama

“This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.”
– President George W. Bush

A heartfelt thanks goes out to our military for securing justice for the victims of the 9/11/01 attacks, the USS Cole bombing, and the US Embassy bombings in Africa.

To all of our fighting men and women in uniform: America salutes you tonight! May God bless you and keep you safe.


Response to a Tragedy

“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

–Ronald Reagan

Heartfelt prayers go out to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and family, the family of Judge John Roll, the family of Christina Taylor Green, the family of Dorwin Stoddard, the family of Dorothy Murray, and the family of Dorothy Schneck.

Also remember Gabe Zimmerman, Ron Barber, and Pam Simon in your prayers.

Send your condolences

Shield and support the mourning families


Dissent is the Highest Form of…


Statists have lost their damn minds!

Maureen Dowd:

The normally nonchalant Barack Obama looked nonplussed, as Nancy Pelosi glowered behind.

Surrounded by middle-aged white guys — a sepia snapshot of the days when such pols ran Washington like their own men’s club — Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” at a president who didn’t.

But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!

Jimmy Carter:

Michael Eric Dyson:

I call B.S. on all three of them.

President Obama is not under fire for being black. He is under fire for his policies and how he is governing the country. Race has absolutely NOTHING to do with opposing the President’s worldview that America is evil and must be weakened in order to appease the rest of world, nor questioning his warped belief that a bigger, overfunded federal government will solve all of our domestic and economic problems.

Barack Obama could have been born white (he’s biracial, BTW), brown, red, yellow, olive, or plaid — and he would still be rightfully judged not by his skin color, but by his words and deeds. As a black man, I’m appalled that those on the left would rush to play the race card in defending a head of state who was elected by his peers not because of his race, but because of the promises made to usher in a “post-racial” era of politics and leadership.

Enough with playing the race card already. We’re ALL Americans — and the President is accountable to all of us, regardless of complexion.

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We HAVE Forgotten

Today should have not been declared a “national day of service”, but of remembrance.

Ralph Peters’ op-ed in the New York Post hit the nail right on the head:

Eight years ago today, our homeland was attacked by fanatical Muslims inspired by Saudi Arabian bigotry. Three thousand American citizens and residents died.

We resolved that we, the People, would never forget. Then we forgot.

We’ve learned nothing.

Instead of cracking down on Islamist extremism, we’ve excused it.

Instead of killing terrorists, we free them.

Instead of relentlessly hunting Islamist madmen, we seek to appease them.

Instead of acknowledging that radical Islam is the problem, we elected a president who blames America, whose idea of freedom is the right for women to suffer in silence behind a veil — and who counts among his mentors and friends those who damn our country or believe that our own government staged the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Instead of insisting that freedom will not be infringed by terrorist threats, we censor works that might offend mass murderers. Radical Muslims around the world can indulge in viral lies about us, but we dare not even publish cartoons mocking them.

Instead of protecting law-abiding Americans, we reject profiling to avoid offending terrorists. So we confiscate granny’s shampoo at the airport because the half-empty container could hold 3.5 ounces of liquid.

Instead of insisting that Islamist hatred and religious apartheid have no place in our country, we permit the Saudis to continue funding mosques and madrassahs where hating Jews and Christians is preached as essential to Islam.

Instead of confronting Saudi hate-mongers, our president bows down to the Saudi king.

Instead of recognizing the Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi cult as the core of the problem, our president blames Israel.

Instead of asking why Middle Eastern civilization has failed so abjectly, our president suggests that we’re the failures.

Instead of taking every effective measure to cull information from terrorists, the current administration threatens CIA agents with prosecution for keeping us safe.

Instead of proudly and promptly rebuilding on the site of the Twin Towers, we’ve committed ourselves to the hopeless, useless task of rebuilding Afghanistan. (Perhaps we should have built a mosque at Ground Zero — the Saudis would’ve funded it.)

Instead of taking a firm stand against Islamist fanaticism, we’ve made a cult of negotiations — as our enemies pursue nuclear weapons; sponsor terrorism; torture, imprison, rape and murder their own citizens — and laugh at us.

Instead of insisting that Islam must become a religion of responsibility, our leaders in both parties continue to bleat that “Islam’s a religion of peace,” ignoring the curious absence of Baptist suicide bombers.

Instead of requiring new immigrants to integrate into our society and conform to its public values, we encourage and subsidize anti-American, woman-hating, freedom-denying bigotry in the name of toleration.

Instead of pursuing our enemies to the ends of the earth, we help them sue us.

We’ve dishonored our dead and whitewashed our enemies. A distinctly unholy alliance between fanatical Islamists abroad and a politically correct “elite” in the US has reduced 9/11 to the status of a non-event, a day for politicians to preen about how little they’ve done.

We’ve forgotten the shock and the patriotic fury Americans felt on that bright September morning eight years ago. We’ve forgotten our identification with fellow citizens leaping from doomed skyscrapers. We’ve forgotten the courage of airline passengers who would not surrender to terror.

We’ve forgotten the men and women who burned to death or suffocated in the Pentagon. We’ve forgotten our promises, our vows, our commitments.

We’ve forgotten what we owe our dead and what we owe our children. We’ve even forgotten who attacked us.

We have betrayed the memory of our dead. In doing so, we betrayed ourselves and our country. Our troops continue to fight — when they’re allowed to do so — but our politicians have surrendered.

Are we willing to let the terrorists win?

God forbid, IF and WHEN we are attacked again, they will win.

The words of George Santayana ring true in these present times: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Let us resolve this moment forward to NEVER AGAIN betray those who were brutally killed eight years ago, REMEMBER the attacks of September 11, 2001, and REMAIN VIGILANT against those who threaten our country, our liberty, and our way of life.

If you still feel compelled to serve, then do so in reminding our elected public servants that they work for us — and hold them accountable for letting their guard down in this war.

Yes, we are still at war.


Standing With Kenneth Gladney

As many of you know, St. Louis resident Kenneth Gladney was recently assaulted by union thugs (one of them an ordained minister, no less) outside a town hall forum on the proposed health care power-grab.

Today, members of MoveOnUp, an online forum of black conservatives, will be rallying holding a press conference outside the St. Louis NAACP headquarters, demanding that the organization take off their partisan blinders and speak out against acts of violence that are currently being condoned by labor unions and politicians in order to ramrod their socialist agendas. Although I’m unable to attend, I propose a challange to all who believe in individual liberty, regardless what one’s political leanings might be.

Kenneth Gladney was beaten by a goon masquerading as a preacher of the gospel for merely selling Gadsden flags (the historical battle standard from the Revolutionary War best know for the words “Don’t tread on me”). As a fitting tribute of support to a man who believes in liberty and was wrongly attacked for his free expression thereof, I call on others to purchase and display the Gadsden flag with pride and solidarity. Whether it be a full-sized banner, a bumper sticker, a lapel pin, or a yard sign, display it with resolute boldness. Send a message to the Service Employees International Union and other hostile statist factions that we, as Americans, will not be intimidated by thug activity, and that we will stand up and defend our Constitutional rights as citizens of a free republic.

If you’re in the St. Louis area, do whatever you can to buy your Gadsden flag gear from Kenneth Gladney himself — and support the spirit of free enterprise.

Tell the thugs not to tread on us.


Three Abandoned Americans

While President Obama celebrated his first 100 days in office, there was no celebrating amongst the relatives of three American journalists — all women of color — being held hostage by the terrorist regimes of Iran and North Korea. Tammy Bruce explains:

When you abandon Americans held by terrorists, and then reward terrorists who trained with Al Qaeda, some might argue it’s more than priorities that are screwed-up in the White House.

So, why has the Obama administration allowed these kidnappings of [Roxana] Saberi, [Laura] Ling and [Euna] Lee to stand? The hostage-taking of these women is no different than the kidnapping of the Maersk Alabama’s Captain Phillips by terrorists on the high seas. Obama’s mob has made pathetic noise about Saberi’s kidnapping, noting Obama was “disappointed” when Iran announced they had found her guilty of a sham crime by a sham trial.

The Norks also plan to “try” Ling and Lee in kangaroo court, as NOBODY in the Obama administration dares to lift a finger in protest.

Joe Biden was right: President Obama is being tested, and he is willfully failing the country. I wouldn’t trust him as much as to make a fist to defend the lives of his own two children.

Pray for the safety of Roxana Saberi, Laura Ling, and Euna Lee. May God deliver them from evil, given the harsh reality that Obama doesn’t give a damn about them, let alone the rest of us.


Speaking of Torture…

A retired Marine spills the beans:

My fellow veterans please forgive me. But I must purge my soul. I only ask that you reserve judgment until you read all of if. I only want peace for all and a world free of torture.

What I saw in the military was much worse than water boarding. The prisoners were taken to a 12 foot deep pool. Feet weighted they were forced into the pool. Those who hesitated, were moved onto a plank high above the pool and forced off. They were to stay in this deep water for over an hour feet weighted and in full clothing. Those who touched the side of the pool had their fingers stepped on by angry guards. Not enough to break their fingers as that would reveal this terrible secret but just enough to inflect severe pain without detectable injury. The guards knew their craft well. Like water boarding, the prisoners were not allowed to drown. No, that would expose the cover-up.

It gets worse! I must tell all! They were then taken to a wooden building far from the main complex. A lantern like device burned in the middle of the building. It gave off a horrible gas. The prisoners were forced to run around the lantern without the benefit of the gas masks worn by the guards and sing in their native language their country’s patriotic songs. I saw them with my own eyes as they were finally released from the windowless building: eyes red, mucus flowing uncontrollably from their mouths and noses. Some looked near death. A spec of humanity prevailed as they were allowed to recover for several minutes before being taken to the bleachers.

The prisoners were taken to the bleachers. I think there were about one hundred of them. They were not restrained, no that would blow this horrible trick. The bleachers were located in a bug infested marsh. Those prisoners who moved their hands in any effort to ward of the flying bugs were severely punished. Mockingly, the guards in the native language of the prisoners said that “their bugs had to eat too.” The guard threw a dud hand grenade into the helpless group. He laughed as they scattered in terror. The prisoners were regathered and prepared for more.

I saw one prisoner taken out of out of line in just his shorts which were on backwards. Horrible sexual innuendos and insults were directed at him. I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

The prisoners were United States Marine recruits. [T]he “torture” described above was part of our training. The guards were drill instructors. The above is why we shake our heads in disbelief when water-boarding, bugs, and loud music are described as torture by the main stream press.

The above prepared us for combat so that fair-weather pacifists can stand on our street corners only in the best of weather. God forbid, they should be out in the cold or even worse the rain as that would resemble water-boarding.

Vietnam 1967-1968

(h/t: Cold Fury)



Thanks to the Navy SEALs, a fellow citizen and patriot is coming home alive.

U.S. Navy snipers opened fire and killed three pirates holding an American captain at gunpoint in a lifeboat, delivering the skipper unharmed and ending a five-day high-seas hostage drama on Easter Sunday.

The pirates were pointing AK-47s at Capt. Richard Phillips and he was in “imminent danger” of being killed when the commander of the nearby USS Bainbridge made the split-second decision to order his men to shoot, Vice Adm. Bill Gortney said.

Phillips’ crew, who said they had escaped the pirates after he offered himself as a hostage, erupted in cheers aboard their ship in Mombasa, Kenya. Some waved an American flag and fired flares in celebration. A lawn sign in the captain’s hometown of Underhill, Vermont that read “Pray for Captain Phillips’ release and safe return home” was changed to read, “Capt. Phillips rescued and safe.

While President Obama played a part by giving the military authorization to use force, he had to be asked TWICE. Nevertheless, the military stepped up and did the right thing by taking the pirates out.

I sincerely hope that our President will grasp the core principles that the United States NEVER negotiates with terrorists, and that we take IMMEDIATE action to deliver our citizens from harm’s way, including killing the bad guys. For the President’s sake, and for the sake of our nation, I pray that he NEVER hesitates again.


Abdullahi Lami, one of the pirates holding the Greek ship anchored in the Somali town of Gaan, said: “Every country will be treated the way it treats us. In the future, America will be the one mourning and crying,” he told The Associated Press. “We will retaliate (for) the killings of our men.”

No problem, Abdullah! Next time (should the President have the cojones to follow Thomas Jefferson’s lead), we’ll send in the Marines to reunite you with your “men” — down in Davy Jones’ Locker.