I Don’t Know About You, But…

I’ve grown tired of the groveling.

We get it. You’re an ideologue who thinks he isn’t one.

You say you know what the people want, yet you ignore the voices of the people.

You’re angry at the judicial branch for scuttling a restrictive campaign law that you yourself chose not to follow.

And now, you say you want to control spending and whittle down the deficit by proposing an outlandish budget plan with more tax hikes and even more spending.

We’re stuck with you for the next three years. We get that. We’ll cope until your term ends.

But, for God’s sake man, stop with the groveling already. It makes you look weak.

A head of state bows to NO ONE.

If you can work on nailing down that precision commander-in-chief salute, you can also try harder to greet others without losing control of your spine.

Oh, and learn to speak extemporaneously too, lest you be accused of being a puppet.