Let The Games Begin!

Now that the Chicom Cheaters Charade is behind us, let’s see what’s going on in Denver — where the DNC are putting the WWE to shame in terms of glitter and showmanship.

Outside the Pepsi Center, both Zombie and Stephen Green filed reports of the usual radical contingent attempting to recreate the Chicago atmosphere from 40 years ago. Photos appear to indicate that most aging hippies just wanted to sit back and enjoy the boilerplate speeches inside the convention hall.

And speaking of boilerplate speeches, the audience is being warmed up for Mrs. The Obamessiah as we type this (though we will admit that it was good to see Ted Kennedy still alive and kicking; best wishes go out to him and his family, all politics aside).

Update: Hot Air highlights.

Update 2: Hillary releases the PUMAs; some of the PUMAs chase after elephants.

Update 3:
Nothing says party unity like a counterculture riot! It looks like the anarchists came close to feeding on Zombie. Stay safe, Undead One.

Update 4 (8/26): Michelle Malkin was mobbed by tolerant, peaceful, and free-speech-lovin’ Democrats (with a few Troofer nutjobs thrown in…).