Patriot Act Abuse

From yesterday’s Review-Journal:

The FBI used the USA Patriot Act to obtain financial information about key figures in its ongoing political corruption probe centered on strip club magnate Michael Galardi, federal authorities confirmed Monday.

Investigators “used a section of the Patriot Act to get subpoenas for financial documents,” said Special Agent Jim Stern, a spokesman for the Las Vegas field office of the FBI. “It was used appropriately by the FBI and was clearly within the legal parameters of the statute.”

While it is true that the al-Qaedans did frequent a strip club in town while planning the 9/11 terror strike, I highly doubt that Michael Galardi was involved with any of the meetings, as he was too busy trying to buy off politicians and get some ordinances to favor his franchise of titty bars.

Patriot Act critics are rightfully concerned. And they should be.

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